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Easy. Powerful. Integrated.

Bloomforth is a powerful all-in-one retail management platform built for growing brands.

All in one

Our integrated system means there's no need to use or pay for different programs & services. Everything works together harmoniously to reduce your workload and headaches.

User centric

Growing businesses love us because we're all about the user experience. Our team works with you from signing up and on-boarding, to feature request and troubleshooting. It's such a fantastic experience because it's like having your own in-house technology department.

See for yourself

Smart Inventory

Create menu items and barcodes for the products you sell. Stay on top of your inventory on any device, and make sure you never miss a sale.

Search dynamically for products, coupons, and giftcards on the fly. Easy-to-use user interface that all your employees will love.

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Easy to use point-of-sale

Perform powerful functions such as manager overrides, redeem coupons, issue store-credit, and many more!

Use your current processor, or sign up with our partner and save money.

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Sell In-Store

Sell your products at your physical store with our point-of-sale system.

Sell Online

Sell your products online with ease. Real-time inventory count means you won't have to update your data manually.

Allow customers to buy online and return in-store.

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Employee timekeeping made easy.

Manage your employee's schedules and time card all on the same platform. Run reports and export to your payroll specialist with just a click of a button.

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Any hardware. Any processor.

We are device agnostic. Run your store on any device, with almost any hardware, and keep your current processor. Process with our partners when you're ready.


Need to send updates to your customers? Have a big sale you want to advertise? With Bloomforth's integrated e-newletters, you can send professional looking campaigns in minutes. No importing/exporting to/from another vendor.

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Why companies love us

All you're devices are integrated with ease


Everything in one place makes you and your business more effective, it's like having a command station for your store.

bloomforth is affordable—stop paying for seperate services


Stop paying for separate business tools. One subscription grants you access to the power previously available to only big corporations.

no need to buy new hardware

Easy to switch

We have a onboarding team that is here to help you migrate your information from your current system. We'll be here every single step of the way, until you are ready to be on your own.

Amazing customer service!

Superior customer service

Our biggest priority is making sure our users are happy! Our account managers work with you one-on-one to help you get set up, provide support throughout the way, and will make sure that you stay happy.

no need to download software

No downloads

Cloud based applications accessible anytime, anywhere—no downloads or updates required. Never worry about data loss. Thanks to the cloud, your data and apps are always up to date.

Syncs up with Xero and Quickbooks

Syncs with Quickbooks & Xero

Easily keep your business finances up to date by quickly syncing with popular accounting software.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. No downloads, setup, or purchasing expensive equipment.

Data management

Great data management is crucial if your store is to grow and compete. Managing real-time inventory, employees, and customer data on multiple platforms can be difficult. Bloomforth's integrated system helps you stay ahead of the curve.

  • One view of a customer across channels
  • One view of inventory across your company

Effective customer relations

Do you know what your customer's buying behavior is? Can your customers buy online and return in-store? Can they check online to see if something is available before arriving? These are all important questions for growing retailers to ask. Bloomforth's system will deliver the best in-store experience for you and your customer.

Employee efficiency

Price and promotion are not effective as they used to be. The only way to be competitive in today's economy is by having the best people working for you. Are they doing a better job than a competitor?
Bloomforth has the tools to track and manage your employees' performance across multiple devices.

Trusted by growing businesses

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