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Pet Portrait in Oil view
Pet Portrait in Pastel view
Pet and and people pencil view
Pet portrait pencil view
Portrait pencil view
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Even the best photographs often can't by themselves do justice to our beloved and cherished pets.  In my experience, it's nearly impossible for a photo alone to capture a pet's soul and personality.  
Because of this, I enjoy offering you pet portraits drawn in a wide variety of media - pastels, pencil, prisms color pencil, and oils.  Just send me your favorite photo, and I'll do the rest.

As those of us who own pets know, only a pet gives you truly unconditional love.  That's why, in most homes, we consider our beloved cats, dogs, horses, and other pets to be members of our families.  These loving and loyal friends create unforgettable, precious memories that can last a lifetime.  

You can celebrate this love, and help preserve those memories forever, by commissioning a Pastel or Oil portrait of your favorite pet.  Portraits like this last forever, and make a perfect gift for any occasion.   
I truly love drawing pet portraits.  Animals make beautiful subjects for painting or drawing in many different media - pencil, pastel, or oil.  And every pet, like every human, has his or her own character and personality.  I enjoy depicting the soul and spirit of my friends' pets through my artwork